Mid-Atlantic Packaging Accelerates Sales Process with Amtech Systems

by Ashley Gennett, on 7/17/17 10:51 AM

Mid-Atlantic Packaging Inc has a long track record of heavily investing in equipment and innovation. Their state of the art plants manufacture an extremely diverse product line that provides their customers with comprehensive solutions to all their packaging needs.

Recently, they selected Amtech software to fire up their engines and help them deliver their customer solutions at an accelerated velocity. Amtech was the ideal vendor to assist Mid-Atlantic Packaging’s early technology adopter mentality. Recently Mid-Atlantic Packaging celebrated one year of use of the system.

“We like to be out-front and create a competitive advantage.”  stated IT Director, Michael McGinley. “Amtech matched our fearless approach to innovation.”  

The initial focus of our implementation was creating precision estimating and fast quoting to match. By responding quickly to customer requests, the Mid-Atlantic Design Team can go from concept to customer order rapidly. The accuracy of their estimating system gives them the confidence that both customers’ needs and their internal objectives will be met.

Amtech’s costing engineer worked closely with the Mid-Atlantic Packaging finance and sales executives to create a cost model that is flexible and scalable giving them a tool that can be adjusted as conditions vary. The toolset gives Mid-Atlantic Packaging a platform to allow for continued growth while ramping up their speed to market. Amtech’s 15 year technology plan was also motivation for implementing their systems. With new modules and cloud computing, Amtech provides an endless supply of software for Mid-Atlantic Packaging to utilize in the future.

Next was Mid-Atlantic Packaging’s focus on data. The fundamental goal was to create reliable information and stability. Once that goal was reached the focus shifted to real time information. Soon, Mid-Atlantic Packaging will be implementing a logistics module that will provide real time access to delivery information. The easy access to analytical data has led to solid and confident decision making.

Inventory Management was another area of focus. They greatly improved their inventory process with cycle counting and real-time barcoding. The integrated system has led to stability and reliable financial reporting.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging employees are just as excited as the management team. The new tools give their associates more functionality, greater visibility, and flexibility.

“As President and CEO of Mid-Atlantic Packaging, I make most of the pricing decisions for the company on a daily basis. The Amtech system provides a superior tool costing tool allowing me to make intelligent pricing decisions. It’s the best I’ve seen in over 50 years in the Corrugated Packaging Industry. First, it is “user friendly”, that is very important to me because I am not a system expert. Second, it is very fast as I can get accurate cost data capturing all important cost centers. This helps me make informed pricing decisions. Another important feature, it provides customers service representatives a simple platform for quotation. It is complete and accurate” stated Andy Pierson.

“We are all working with competitive margins these days and there is no room for error. Amtech continues to demonstrate they are a very progressive company with a team of outstanding employees. I am confidant Amtech will continue to be Mid-Atlantic’s business systems partner for the future as we continue to grow our companies” said Pierson.

 Mid-Atlantic Packaging has begun planning phase 2 upgrades. Potential targets are going paperless and transitioning qualified infrastructure to the cloud as soon as possible. “We’re hoping to continue minimizing IT costs, while enhancing availability and reliability of service.” said McGinley.



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