Michcor Container implements Amtech’s Customer Portal

by Morgan DeNicola, on 4/27/15 1:58 PM

President of Amtech Software, Cosmo DeNicola, announces the purchase of Amtech’s Customer Care Portal by Michcor Container Incorporated, a packaging supply and equipment company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Customer Portal is an online order management platform that will provide Michcor’s customers with real-time information on order status and inventory levels.

Through the Customer Portal, packaging companies can provide their customers with self-service tools for basic account management including quoting and order processing for commonly purchased or stock items, as well as the ability to track production status and deliveries. The benefits for manufacturers are increased sales volume and customer satisfaction, with reduced customer service and order processing costs.

For more information on Amtech’s Customer Portal please visit www.amtechsoftware.com.

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