Imaginera software system to Trenton Corrugated Products

by Morgan DeNicola, on 8/17/16 11:47 AM

Amtech Software President Cosmo DeNicola is pleased to announce the sale of the Imaginera software system to Trenton Corrugated Products. Trenton is a corrugated sheet plant whose specialty includes quick turnaround on quotes and rush orders. Trenton has been in business for over 45 years and is growing. It’s their growth that made them Upgrade to Amtech as the felt they had outgrown the system they had been using for 10 years. They are looking for the Amtech system to streamline their customer service and shipping. They take Just in Time very seriously.. No Excuses. I really feel that our software will help Trenton to continue to grow, diversify and offer the great service they are known for, states Cosmo DeNicola.”


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