Digital Transformation was the theme of Amtech’s Conference

by Ashley Gennett, on 10/15/18 11:35 AM

More than 150 packaging industry professionals from companies throughout the Americas met at Caesar’s Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey from September 30th through October 4th for Amtech Software’s 16th Customer Conference.

 The theme of the five-day conference was Amtech’s new All in One Software Suite that “does it all”. Users were given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and utilization of the software while optimizing their companies work flow and operating performance. Cosmo DeNicola welcomed his customers on Monday morning pointing out with pride to the 600 packaging plants and 60,000 packaging industry personal that use Amtech’s systems every day. His enthusiastic message encouraged change, innovation and strategic goal setting, stating “together let’s shatter entrenched ways of thinking, embrace the digital world and remodel your companies for the emerging digital economy”. 

In unveiling Amtech’s All in One Solution, he emphasized digital print, analytics, cloud computing and the Smart Factory. The smart factory functionality included integration and enhancing the recently acquired Avista Scheduling Solutions to evolve into a “one seat scheduling function” that incorporates corrugator, converting and shipment planning. In addition, new capabilities will be offered to connect all equipment in the manufacturing plant through a substantial network of sensors and actuators. Thereby, creating the industry’s most massive data warehouse. The knowledge gleaned from the statistics will create analytics to predict, prevent and optimize plant operation. 

The packaging industry’s Emerging Digital Print orientation was evidenced throughout the conference. A full day seminar included presentations from Amtech partners, HP and Esko, detailing collaborative integration projects that resulted in an End to End Workflow Solution. Three customers (members of Amtech’s Digital Advisory Board), The Box Maker, Bay Cities and Englander Container presented their digital journey and how integration with Amtech’s digital solution will transform their traditional processes into automated workflows.

The Amtech Executive Team renewed their pledge to continue to invest, innovate, enhance support offerings and provide their customers with a competitive advantage and speed to market. Attendees took a little time to relax and enjoy a sports themed party on Monday evening while wearing their NFL teams’ colors at a Monday Night Football Tailgate Party.

Topics covered during the conference opening day included; Upgrading Encore to the Web Based System, moving to the Cloud, opening a Digital Store Front, Tracking Waste and Creating a Paperless Workflow. Day two focused on Architecting Financial Performance, Accurate Estimating, Real Time Visual Manufacturing and Electronic Proof of Delivery. A full day training Program focused on the value of Performance Analytics and the ease of creating Dashboards and custom reports.

One on one consulting opportunities were provided for users who wanted a customized work session to address their company’s specific needs. Lunch time became another platform as discussion leaders headed up their tables specific topics to lunch and learn. And finally, Amtech’s unique Speed Dating provided customers with the opportunity to ask experts questions while rotating from one expert to another.

 The Amtech User Advisory Group meeting closed the conference with strategic sessions to document enhancements they would like added to Amtech’s future releases to make the system even more beneficial to their plants.

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