Cross Container Implements Amtech’s TopGun

by Morgan DeNicola, on 4/27/15 1:00 PM

Cosmo T. DeNicola, president of Amtech Software, is pleased to announce the implementation of Top Gun at Cross Container, family owned manufacturing companies specializing in custom made-to-order corrugated packaging located Carpentersville, IL. Top Gun is Amtech’s wireless inventory control system that uses bar code scanning to track the movement of inventory throughout the warehouse.

Through TopGun, manufactures can utilize barcodes and labels to collect, manage and track inventory movement and transactions through tablets, hand-held scanners or other mobile devices. Data is captured and entered into the system in real-time, reducing time spent at dedicated work stations and dramatically improving accuracy of data input.  These transactions are visible to all departments, including customer service, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and receiving.

Amtech Software is the box industry’s leading supplier of software solutions.  Amtech Software has been installed in over 800 box plants of all shapes and sizes.  Over 30,000 box plant employees use Amtech Software every day. For additional details contact Darren Artillio at or 215-639-9540 x 1503.

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