Carolina Container Installs Customer Portal

by Gregory Heinz, on 5/26/14 4:19 PM

Amtech Software president Cosmo DeNicola is proud to announce that Carolina Container Company, a customer-focused manufacturer of quality, corrugated products, has purchased Amtech's Customer Care Portal (CCP) extension for the Imaginera system.

As the latest addition to Amtech's Imaginera suite of products, the Customer Care Portal utilizes a web-based platform to extend key order-related information to customers in an simple and intuitive way. With CCP, manufacturers can offer customers one-click ordering, instant online quotes, and live order tracking with real-time visibility of production status.

"Our new Customer Care Portal software gives us a definite edge over the competition," says Karen Safrit, Director of IT at Carolina Container Company. "Now our customers can not only have 24/7 access to their critical data, but they can also swiftly conduct business with us with a few simple clicks."

In addition to staying connected to customers, Amtech's CCP can also be used as an additional sales tool. Safrit adds, "The CCP also allows our salesmen to get up-to-date customer information anywhere, anytime," adds Safrit. "Whether in front of the customer, or on the road using the latest tablet devices, The Customer Care Portal is yet another tool for our salesmen to add to their arsenal in managing accounts."

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