Amtech to REWARD Customers

by Ashley Gennett, on 5/16/18 10:03 AM

Cosmo DeNicola is excited to announce the addition of the Amtech Rewards program to iServe, their Customer Engagement Platform. Users will be able to gain recognition from their peers and earn rewards for their contributions in building and enhancing the platform's online community and knowledge base. This program demonstrates Amtech's recognition of the partnership that exists between Amtech Software and its User Community. Users can earn points for various activities including:
  1. Enhancing the Knowledge Base by submitting an article that is accepted for publication.
  2. Supporting our Best Practice efforts by submitting a case study.
  3. Connecting via LinkedIn.
  4. Engaging in Forum Activities such as asking a question, replying to a question, or providing an answer that is marked as correct.
More opportunities to gain recognition and earn points are anticipated for the future!
The Amtech Rewards program is another key step on the companies continuing journey to enhance the ways in which their customers use  the system to the benefit of their company and their professional development! The rewards points will be redeemable by individual system users for merchandise including: office lunch party, shirts, hats, water bottles, coffee mugs, iPhone desk accessories, and a backpack among others. 


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