Amtech to Install the Customer Care Portal at California Box

by Ashley Gennett, on 2/5/18 10:55 AM

Cosmo T DeNicola. President of Amtech Software is pleased to announce the sale of The Customer Care Portal, Amtech’s E-Commerce software suite to the Calbox Group. The Calbox Group have locations in Santa Fe Springs, California; Rancho Cucamonga, California; Mesa, Arizona; Tucson, Arizona and El Paso, Texas.

The Customer Care Portal provides a simple and flexible tool for customer service over the web. It adds the ability for customers to enter orders, request quotes, check inventory, release shipments and communicate with customer service and sales securely over the Internet.

In this highly competitive market, this added convenience will immediately show return on investment by improving “Just-In-Time” capabilities, increasing customer access to 24/7. Utilizing all of these features will assist CUSTOMER in edging out the competition for orders, while saving time and reducing overall customer service costs.

Amtech Software is the box industry’s leading supplier of software solutions. Over 50,000 box plant employees use Amtech Software every day.

You can learn more about California Box at, and

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