Amtech Software Launches iNext At AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium

by Morgan DeNicola, on 10/15/15 3:22 PM

First appeared in The White Sheet: Board Converting News, An N.V.Publication on 10/12/15


More than 100 box makers, suppliers and guests attended Fort Washington, Pennsylvania based Amtech Software’s launch of iNext, the next- generation of Amtech’s Imaginera System, at AT&T Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on Tuesday, September 29, during the 2015 AICC Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas.

Cosmo DeNicola took the field with his son, Michael DeNicola and daughter Morgan DeNicola at his side as he welcomed his guests with introductory comments.


 “We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished in 35 years but more importantly, we’re extremely excited about what we are going to accomplish with you over the next 20 years,” said DeNicola. “We are investing in our future and hopefully, it will impact your futures and that of your company, as well.”

DeNicola then directed attendees to watch a short promotional video on one of the largest display screens in the world. The video featured Nicola informing viewers about the Amtech Cloud, which is the use of the Internet to access hardware, software and data. “The Amtech Cloud can empower your people to work anywhere, anytime on any computer device that can optimize your mobile work force and customer collaboration,” DeNicola explained, many times larger than life.  “The Cloud is also a way to simplify reduce hardware costs." 

He then shared the details on “an amazing technological achievement called iNext, the next generation of Amtech’s Imaginera System.” Driving the development of Imaginera were three major trends: customer self-service, society changes and enterprise mobility.  The system was modeled after the systems of innovation leaders like Amazon, Google and Apple, which is based on delivering an efficient customer experience while reducing time and costs for both a box plant and the customer’s business. This is achieved though Amtech’s new Customer Portal System. 

“In order to provide a seamless supply chain from order to production to delivery, we re-engineered our machinery and planning modules,” said DeNicola. “The user interface was re-architected to enhance and enable remote orders. We had to create information on-the-go with business functionality for primary mobile workers, including sales reps, account managers, designers and drivers. We focused on logistics, order management and fulfillment and quality, transforming warehouses into sales centers. We’ve also created mobile sales apps that can be utilized by your customers in their own plants.” 

Finally, DeNicola explained Amtech Visual Analytics, which brings key people and key data together ion one place, to deliver critical information, when it’s wanted and when it’s needed. Amtech Visual Analytics brings aggregated metrics into a newly created Amtech Data Warehouse, where information is easily viewed on any device, including Smartphones, in a visual and actionable manner, making it the most extensive in the industry, DeNicola said.

On Wednesday morning during the second General Session of the 2015 Annual Meeting,  Amtech Software was presented with the AICC/Board Converting News/Corrugated Today 2015 Innovator of the Year Award for its Visual Analytics solution. 



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