by Ashley Gennett, on 12/27/17 2:46 PM


Alexandria, VA...Many firms and individuals make contributions to ICPF in a number of different ways.  Recent examples include donations to nominate and recognize candidates for its Circle of Distinguished Leaders program, pledges to become an ICPF corporate partner, corporate donations and individual donations of cash or stock, and participation in ICPF’s annual Holiday Weekend in in New York. 

This year, one of the more creative ways in contributing was developed by Amtech. In launching a national competition to rename a recent software update, iNext, Amtech announced that part of the award would be a $5,000 contribution to ICPF in the name of the contestant providing the winning entry.

In making the donation in the name of Nathan Bevers of Dura Fibre, who won with his submission of Encore, Amtech president & owner, Cosmo DeNicola, encouraged others to remember ICPF throughout the year.  “We hope all corrugated packaging suppliers and manufacturers remember to financially support ICPF’s educational work as opportunities arise in their own businesses.”

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) mission is to generate a stream of increasingly qualified students to enter the corrugated packaging and display industry, now and into the future. ICPF is dedicated to the continued creation and building of partnerships within the education community, the advancement of corrugated curriculum, the expansion of student internships within the industry and the promotion of corrugated packaging & displays career opportunities for packaging science, packaging design, graphic design, sales & marketing, business, finance & accounting, supply chain management, engineering, environmental science, technical and related graduates.
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