by Morgan DeNicola, on 12/2/15 2:44 PM

Amtech Software President, Cosmo DeNicola, is pleased to announce that ABC Box Company Inc., a family owned company located in Brookfield, WI, has implemented Amtech’s Imaginera. ABC Box will be starting its 30th year in business and felt the need to upgrade its software to handle the increased work load.  ABC Box can look forward to utilizing Imaginera to decrease turnaround time for quotes, streamline order entry, save delivery costs.  They will be able to manage their overall business using just this one package instead of 3 different packages that they use now use that do not work together which will make them more efficient and profitable. 

Comprehensive and flexible, Imaginera allows your business to grow without limits, strengthening every area of your operation from financial applications to plan management and customer service. Amtech keeps its customers ahead of the marketplace with new releases and modules that take into account global trends and the evolving mobile technology landscape.

ABC Boxes Vice President Arthur Frey was quoted as saying “We felt that we are in the midst of a huge growth spurt and felt that Amtech’s software was one of the tools we would need to keep up with the increased demand”

Amtech Software is the corrugated manufacturing industry’s leading supplier of software solutions.  Amtech Software has been installed in over 800 box plants of all shapes and sizes.  Over 30,000 box plant employees use Amtech Software every day. For additional details contact Darren Artillio at or 215-639-9540 x1504.



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