Gain real-time visibility into plant operations.

With EnCore's RPM extension, manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into plant operations. RPM is an affordable, easy-to-use plant management system designed to monitor manufacturing activity through the use of industry-standard hardware which can be retrofitted to any machine - regardless of age. It's time to eliminate manual data entry and the risk of error; optimize your production schedule and capture data in real-time.

Monitor plant production in real-time.

Amtech's RPM extension automates production to optimize scheduling and minimize waste.

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Prior to implementing Amtech's RPM extension, we relied on our machine operators to report their setup waste and run waste accurately. This approach left a lot of room for inaccuracies and questionable production counts. What attracted us to the RPM extension was the fact that we could tie in our production counts clear back to the sheet counts that came off the corrugator, or, in some cases, what we actually had to purchase for the job.

Karen Safrit, Director of IT – Carolina Container

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