Mobile Sales

Amtech’s Mobile Sales Solution extends the EnCore business session to your sales team in the field by giving them access to everything they need to perform their job from their smartphone or tablet.  They can more effectively manage their time, territory, customers, and prospects with 24/7 access to critical account management information such as: sales history, orders, backlogs, quotes, inventory, and receivables. Shorten your sales cycles, increase sales, and improve overall customer satisfaction with Amtech’s Mobile Sales.

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Mobile Access for Sales

  • Keep your sales team in the field and selling 

Access to Account Information

  • Reduce phone calls and emails to the home office

Shorten Your Sales Cycles

  • Allow sales to be more responsive to clients

Developed for the Packaging Industry

Mobilize Your Sales Force


  • Provide a Mobile Storefront
  • Allow Sales to Respond to Customers 24 x 7
  • Deliver Proactive Account Management
  • Reduce Dependence on Inside Sales <50%
  • Shorten Sales Cycles & Increase Revenue


  • Check Account History
  • View Recent Customer Activities
  • Quickly Access Order History
  • Manage Current Opportunities
  • Easily Prepare for Meetings


  • Expediting & Releases
  • Inventory Level Verification & AR Inquiries
  • Placement of Re-Orders
  • Quote Creation & Design Requests
  • Quality Initiation & Tracking

Keep Your Sales Team in the Field 

Account Management

Allow your sales team to access real-time information.  Ensure they can provide your customers with immediate answers so they can move onto additional tasks.  Integrated into EnCore for customer and contact management and with import/export capabilities to Outlook, your sales team can become more efficient and can quickly satisfy the needs of your customers with greater speed and accuracy.   Provide your sales team with a seamless, mobile workflow that satisfies your customer, improves pipeline growth, and increases revenue. 

Management Console

Gain powerful business intelligence through role-based access to visual dashboards and the robust report writer.  Provide sales and management insight to track areas such as activities, pipelines and closed business.  Stay ahead of your business with important information that allows for accurate production planning, inventory management, and to make better overall management decisions for your organization.

Workflow Management

Tightly integrated into EnCore’s Workflow Management system, Mobile Sales allows your sales team to initiate items such as requests for quotes, samples, specification changes, and design requests.   By improving communication in this area, quality is greatly improved, quote turn-around times are shortened,  and your customer’s needs are promptly satisfied.

24/7 Connectivity

Providing mobile access including, one-touch connectivity to contacts and integration into Outlook empowers your sales professionals to seamlessly provide unparalleled customer management and service while in the field.   Your sales team can quickly provide service to your customers at any time which is bound to help grow your business.  

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