Mobile Logistics

Mobile Logistics extends the inventory and delivery functions within EnCore to your shipping department and truck drivers from their IOS-based smartphone or tablet. The solution eliminates paper including packing slips and bills of lading by capturing electronic signatures and transmitting instant proof of delivery to automatically invoice customers.

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Accelerate Cash Flow


Eliminate Paper


Mobilize Your Business

Deliver On-Time and Reduce Costs

Manage Inventory and Delivery


  • Reduce Billing Errors  and Credits
  • Decrease Lost Costs
  • Provide Paperless Workflow
  • Automate Shipment Notifications
  • Initiate NCR/RGAs at Customer Site
  • Quickly Correct Shipping Errors then Update Billing
  • Delivery Customer Transparency
  • Improve On-Time Delivery


  • Wait to Dock Time
  • Unload Time
  • Full Cost Analysis-Drive & Equipment


  • Powerful Reporting for Management Analysis
  • Intuitive Communication Console
  • Real-Time Delivery Information
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Electronically Signed Proof-of-Delivery
  • Live Truck Locations & ETAs
  • Verify Items to be Unloaded at Stops

Eliminate Paper 

Proof of Delivery

Built-in electronic signature capture provides sign and drive functionality to electronically transmit proof of delivery that initiates invoicing to the customer.  This speeds up time to invoice and reduces errors in manual data entry.

Fleet Management

Capture real-time information about dock, wait, and unload times and then analyze the data in the management console with powerful reporting tools for insight by truck and driver.   Leverage the power of information for better management and to make proactive decisions.

Document Management

Key documents including bills of lading and packaging slips are automatically generated and transmitted electronically to accounting and customer service.  Speed up your time to invoice and collect revenue dollars faster.

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