VIB Moisturetech™

In today’s competitive marketplace, paper-based label and tape manufacturers are looking for better ways to produce a stable, lay-flat product. *MoistureTech™ uses the most advanced techniques in steam moisturizing to add moisture and eliminate curl, making stable lay-flat specifications achievable.

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Eliminate Curl

  • Produce stable, lay-flat product

Control Moisture Injection

  • Patented technology ensures correct amounts

Eliminate Condensation

  • Utilize interlocks and evacuation system

For Paper-Based Label & Tape Manufacturers

Produce Flat Board


  • Fully heated body—no external condensation
  • Web break interlocks—auto retract upon web break
  • Start-up interlocks to eliminate external condensation
  • High profiling capability
  • Rugged construction-- material 316 Ti
  • Compact design—can fit in tight places


  • Single or dual-side steam delivery
  • Manual or PLC based automatic control
  • Variable length dwell zones
  • Multiple valve sizes and zone spacing
  • Vapor extraction hood


Steam Control Valves

  • Body material stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
  • Actuator hard anodized aluminum
  • Control signal 6-30 psig (0.4 – 2.0 bar) Linear  Valve action--spring opposed, normally closed
  • Max operating temperature 392 deg F (200 deg C)

Steam Headers

  • Body material SS/Titanium alloy (316 Ti) Certified static pressure tested to 52 psig Certified material and welds
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • Pressure 0 – 15 psig (0 -1 bar)

Maintain Competitive Edge

About VIB MoistureTech™

The MoistureTech steam applicator is a solution to improving the web’s cross directional flatness and imparting the proper amount of moisture without slowing line speeds or dripping condensate on the web. MoistureTech is a single-sided or dual-sided steam applicator and is custom designed for your existing line.

MoistureTech’s proprietary designed steam delivery system utilizes high velocity steam injection to ensure rapid moisturization of the web. Hence, more moisture penetrates the web in less time than with other steam delivery systems. The heart of MoistureTech’s design is the patented zone control valves and diffuser in an enclosed steam system that enables you to control moisture in intervals down to 6” across the web.

MoistureTech is equipped with interlocks to ensure no condensation is formed on the exterior of the applicators during start-up and an evacuation system for removing unabsorbed steam during moisturization.

Benefits to Label Manufacturers

  • Produce stable and lay-flat products – Maintain your competitive edge.
  • increase production throughput – MoistureTech delivers 1 to 3% moisture to the web based on your process needs while enabling higher machine speeds.
  • Lower energy consumption – MoistureTech’s proprietary steam delivery system requires less steam than other applicators to achieve the same percent moisturization thus requiring less energy.
  • Reduce web contamination and offspec product– MoistureTech’s steam delivery system is designed to eliminate fugitive steam. This means no unwanted condensation takes place on the actuator or neighboring equipment which can drip on the web.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership – MoistureTech can be custom engineered to existing process lines thus saving redesign costs for web handling equipment. The MoistureTech steam applicator and valves are made from high quality stainless steel and titanium alloys. Minimize maintenance costs for leaks and cracked welds.

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