Amtech’s Quali-Vue (previously Qualitek’s Quali-Vue) vision-based board quality measurement system provides automatic measurements of sheet dimensions (length and width) and sheet warp (cross-direction and end-to- end direction) for every stack of sheets coming off the corrugator. It reduces the reliance on stacker operators doing manual checks for board dimensions and warp.

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Vision-Based Board Quality

Quali-Vue Corrugator Monitoring


Actual measurements are compared against specs for the job. The result, of “GO” or “NO GO” is posted instantly on a TV monitor or computer screen for the stacker operators to view. The measurements, indexed by stack identifier, are also stored on a server, from which, end of shift reports are generated and from which, data is queried for every stack in the order(s).This solution is not only an automatic quality control tool but also provides the ability to “slice-and-dice” the data for assessments of problem grades, problem shifts, opportunities, etc.

This solution is not only an automatic quality control tool but also provides the ability to “slice-and-dice” the data for assessments of problem grades, problem shifts, opportunities, etc.




  • Simplify the job of stacker operators by posting a “GO” or “NO GO” message based on the stack (sheet) measurements vs the order specifications
  • Provide the ability to search historical records and recall the dimensional specs and warp for specific orders on a “unit” or “stack” basis to resolve customer inquiries
  • A measure for quantifying quality measurements against the plants’ own internal standards overall and for specific grades and flutes
  • Identify issues that may be pertinent to a shift (such as identifying training and staffing needs) by comparing performance between shifts
  • In the case of an organization with multiple plants, presents a basis for deciding where orders should be allocated based on the capability of plants to run specific board grades
  • Supply an objective means for quantifying performance “before and after” a change--either in process--such as “best run settings” or equipment changes and modifications

Objective Means for Quantifying Performance

Vision Technology

The solution uses the latest in vision technology as the basis of the system. This system utilizes multiple camera / laser pairs mounted on an overhead structure. Multiple high-resolution images are recorded and processed in real-time to measure board dimensions and warp for every stack or unit. The camera and laser geometry are precisely calibrated before installation to provide accurate measurements and allow for the fusion of data across sensors to handle a wide range of sheet sizes. The measurements are compared against specs for the order and plant specs for warp and the results (GO or NO GO) are posted within seconds of the measurements.

No Interference with Operation

All equipment is located on an overhead structure. Interfaces to the conveyor system and/or the order handling/tag printing system will enable comparison of order dimensions against order specs and flagging of non- conforming orders.


Provides the plant with the analytics to quantify board quality (warp) in terms of overall plant quality measurement vs. goals, and for specific board grades or flutes, etc.


Provides the plant with a record of the measurements of the units that were sent for a specific order in order to handle customer inquiries/complaints.

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