Quality Controls

The Amtech Quality Control System (QCS), previously Qualitek’s Quality Control Systems, facilitates the production of high-quality board by centerlining your corrugator for the grade of board being produced. An intuitive and intelligent design controls variables that affect board quality such as: paper temperatures, paper moisture, and starch. They system adjusts vital areas such as preheater wraps, doublefacer ballast, hot plate steam, and metering roll gaps to ensure a quality produced product in the most efficient manner possible.

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Control Board Quality

  • Through paper moisture changes and machine speed variations

Increase Convertibility of Sheets

  • Deliver higher plant through-put

Simplify Corrugator Operations

  • Encourage the wet-end crew to become more productive

Reduce Paper Waste Due to Warp

Quality Controls


  • Reduce paper waste due to warp and delamination through centerlining the corrugator by board grade.
  • Control board quality through paper moisture changes and machine speed variations.
  • Reduce starch and energy by controlling metering roll gaps and optimizing board exit temperatures.
  • Increase convertibility of sheets off the corrugator resulting in higher plant through-put.
  • Simplify corrugator operations for the wet-end crew making them more productive.
  • Decrease errors by linking to the dry end or scheduling system for precise order and grade information.
  • Provide an intuitive interface for operators with easy-to-use touch screen input.



  • All Allen-Bradley PLC’s, I/O and off-the-shelf components
  • One dry end workstation and optional wet end workstations
  • Paper temperature and moisture measurements
  • Controls all singlefacer and doublebacker preheater and preconditioner wrap arms
  • Controls doublefacer ballast – Profero, MWU, BHS, Simon, MHI, weight rollers, hot foot
  • Controls hot plate steam zones
  • Metering roll gap controls at the singlefacers and glue machine using a 7-step gap/speed curve
  • Singlefacer and hotplates steam control
  • Downloading of tension targets to a bridge tensioning system
  • Vessel temperature display and alarming

Produce and Deliver High Quality Board


Centerline Settings

The system starts the grade off on the right foot by using the centerline (or best run) settings for the grade and combination and then uses online measurements to make adjustments as paper quality and machine speeds change. The system automatically updates the best run settings when it determines that the corrugator is at a steady state. Feed-forward corrections from machine speed make the controls highly responsive and robust.


Paper Temperature

Measurements of paper temperature are used to ensure that there is adequate heat (and not excessive) for bonding and to infer paper moisture changes so that corrections can be continuously made to compensate for such variations. This controls the quality of produced product.


Warp Monitoring

QCS is an intuitive tool for monitoring board flatness and correction. When an issue is determined it decides the best course of action to correct for warp making warp correction simple for the operator.


Board Flatness

Feed-forward corrections from machine speed make the controls highly responsive and robust. The operator tweaks the settings by using a one-button warp correction input on a touchscreen. An intuitive tool for board flatness correction determines the best course of action to correct for warp simplifying operator correction for warp.



Provides management and maintenance with reports to monitor system usage and track quality measurements on an order basis surfacing operational inefficiencies.

  • Temperature Settings
  • Glue Gap
  • Wrap


The modular nature of the system allows for flexibility and future growth. This allows you to quickly adapt and become predictive and proactive to operational changes such as new suppliers and new equipment.

Improve Board Quality.

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