Production Controls

The Amtech Production Control System (PCS), previously Qualitek’s Production Control System, is the best solution for optimal wet end management of the corrugator. It provides functions such as bridge controls, end-of-roll splicing, synchronized splicing on paper changes, and automatic initiation of the dry end order change on a synchronized splice. Corrugator speed is maximized while staying consistent with board quality and order constraints.

PCS is integrated with the dry end, via a data link, for order data and lineal remaining in the order, making it transparent, and synchronizing it with the dry end. Corrugator speed is maximized by ideal management of the speed during splice cycles. Speed optimization ensures that the corrugator is running at the optimum speed while maintaining excellent board quality ensuring effective operational optimization.

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Improve Productivity

  • Achieve higher average machine speeds (typically 8%-12%)

Cut Waste

  • From paper changes, over/under runs & partially consumed rolls

Increase Operating Efficiency

  • Automate speed controls & provide crew with real-time information

Increase Efficiency by Automating Speed Controls

Production Controls Corrugator


  • Improve productivity by achieving a higher average machine speed (typically 8 – 12%) and reduce downtime.
  • Cut waste (on average 0.25 – 0.5%) from paper changes, over-runs and under-runs and partially consumed rolls.
  • Increase operating efficiencies by automating speed controls, providing the crew with up-to-the-minute information on roll lineal remaining and the tools for making good decisions.
  • Integrated with Amtech’s Roll Stock Manager Solution, you can increase roll stock traceability and meet hazmat reporting requirements.
  • Links into the corrugator and into the scheduling systems provides for seamless data flow across your operation.




  • Off-the-shelf components
  • One dry end workstation and two wet end workstations
  • All Allen-Bradley electronics and distributed I/O
  • Data link to dry end or scheduling system
  • Bridge speed controls with target bridge volume control
  • End of roll, splice now, and split roll splicing
  • Synchronized splicing during paper changes





Cut Waste & Reduce Downtime


Speed Synchronization

PCS synchronizes the speed of the singlefacers with the doublebacker to keep the bridge in balance and to maintain an operator-entered target bridge volume providing improved warp control. Automating this function allows the operators to keep an eye on other quality factors and simplifies their job which improves overall quality.


Synchronized Splicing

By auto-initiating synchronized splicing at the end of the wet end run or on an expiring (critical) roll, you are able to reduce paper change waste, over-runs, and under-runs.


Roll Management

Roll management options allow you to maximize machine speed and to minimize partially consumed (or butt) rolls splice now and split roll splicing. This ensures effective management of your highest cost factor... your roll stock.


Speed Optimization

PCS optimizes the speed of the corrugator for an order by taking into account dry end constraints and board quality constraints. This automates speed optimization without compromising board quality or manual intervention. It also optimizes speed control during all splice cycles which maximizes the doublebacker speed and eliminates downtime due to missed splices.


Order Change

PCS initiates automatic order change on the dry end based on synchronized splicing. This links the wet end to the dry end at order change to minimize waste and help keep costs in check.


Web Break-Out

The web break-out detection in PCS automatically shuts down the corrugator. This automatic shut-down allows for the issue to be addressed immediately which minimizes downtime and controls waste.



Robust reporting identifies opportunities to invoke operational efficiencies for immediate improvement and cost savings. This provides management and operations personnel with an excellent means to monitor usage of the controls in automatic mode, analyze splicer efficiency, and monitor actual vs. goal speeds for every order.

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