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Continuous Improvement
10% of Parts
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Continuous Improvement Plan


Free Phone Support

Access to After Hours Support Engineer

Quarterly System Audit Reports

Web Training Modules

10% Savings on Parts

Discounted Labor Rates

Free Mastery Course Tuition

Tune-N-Train (TNT) Visits

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Free Phone Support: During the hours of 8am – 5pm Eastern Time you receive unlimited telephone support.

Access to After Hours Support Engineer: Between the hours of 5pm – 8am EST your call will be answered by our service center that will put you in contact with a support engineer.

Quarterly System Audit Reports: System audit reports are performed remotely by one of our engineers on a quarterly basis that help identify and suggest areas of improvement in your system. The reports are emailed to your site champion for review and followed up with a call by the engineer running the report to ensure you are getting maximum results.

Web Training Modules: To help on-boarding new hires, you get access to our web-training modules. Each 5 to 10-minute module covers specific areas of system functionality.

10% Savings on Parts: During your subscription, you automatically receive a 10% discount off of our standard list prices for hardware components. Shipping is billed at cost.

Discounted Labor Rates: Substantial labor discounts off our published rate sheets (See Below).

Free Mastery Course Tuition: Held at Amtech corporate offices in Philadelphia, PA. This two-day course is specifically designed to help maintenance and system champions maximize utilization of your system. The combination of hands-on and classroom training ensures your key users are maximizing system potential. Cost of tuition is $500 for CIP subscribers and $850 for Non-CIP subscribers. (Plant responsible for travel/lodging expenses.)

Tune-N-Train (TNT) Visits: TNT visits are designed to specifically address calibration and training issues over a two-day period. Visits are scheduled 30-days prior to the date of the visit.



Training Option 1

Two 2-hour blocks of classroom training split over two days facilitating the training of two separate shifts. For third shifts, the plant will work to arrange training during the designated periods of time the other sessions are being held.

One hour (each) of hands-on maintenance, wet-end panelview, and dry-end HMI training will be provided with the classroom training.

Training Option 2

The plant can choose to have hands-on/on-the-machine training throughout the course of the visit. Again, if running a third shift, it is the plant’s responsibility to alter personnel’s schedules in order to facilitate training during predetermined hours for the TNT visit.

Training will include training material(s) via a flash-drive and of course, access to Qualitek’s online training portal for continued and new-hire training.  




  • Our engineer walks through a comprehensive TNT hardware checklist to ensure the functionality of all Amtech components within the plant’s system. This checklist is a roadmap that provides the plant a detailed list of hardware conditions upon completion of the on-site visit.
  • Our engineer will complete the calibration of the various systems components with your maintenance personnel’s assistance (i.e. temperature sensor calibration, wrap arm calibration, photo-eye calibrations, water mark detector functionality checks). Metering gap calibrations will be completed at the request of the plant; however, the machine must be down during this time and maintenance personnel must be present. Amtech will only be responsible for calibrating the Quality Control System to the machine’s calibration that is set by your maintenance personnel.
  • We also review updates to your Amtech database to allow for improved running conditions. In addition, we include any necessary updates to the uptime maximizer (UMAX) system, desktop manager, and speed optimization programs where applicable.

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