Increase operational visibility through mobile applications and integrated logistics tools.


For optimal planning, tracking, and fleet management, it is vital that manufacturers take advantage of mobile technology to maximize usage and increase operating efficiencies. Through the analysis of delivery metrics, including driver wait and unload time, companies are able to hold their customers accountable for potential impacts on delivery schedules. With insight into average wait time by driver and ship to location (or customer site), logistics managers can determine whether it is a driver issue or customer issue. If identified as a customer issue, shipping managers will have the data to present and discuss these excessive times with those customers. The goal is to find ways to either improve processes or adjust pricing to accommodate the additional costs.

Amtech's mobile delivery and logistics solutions deliver operational visibility to keep your fleet moving. Traditionally, paper-based forms were signed to confirm check-in at docks and unload times. Through the implementation of Mobile Logistics, drivers are equipped with mobile devices and software tools that not only track driver location and progress, but instantly communicate arrival and receipt of goods through electronic signature capture. This not only allows customer service to better communicate delivery time and expectations, but it also allows for the instant delivery of invoices as well. With mobile force delivery, companies are able to achieve full visibility and communicate throughout departments. Now, companies can manage their fleet through technology that will empower drivers. Drivers are able to check current inventory levels onsite and communicate back to the sales and service department to replenish orders. With Amtech's mobile delivery solution, companies can use real-time data to have a greater insight into delivery performance and a benchmarking tool that can set expectations for your customers and your drivers.


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Core ERP System

Built-in delivery module includes shipment planning and graphical truck loading.

Products Mobilelogistics

Mobile Sign & Drive

Mobile tools that promote efficiency with realtime driver and delivery reporting.

Products Customerportal

Online Logistics Portal

Allow customers to track production and view delivery status in real-time.