The Amtech Scrap Trakker™ is the most accurate means of tracking plant waste back to the root cause. By the proven Scrap Trakker methodology any plant can improve the accuracy of waste data without creating burdensome tasks for production employees. In fact most users have found that it reduces the current work level while providing much greater accuracy.

Amtech Scrap Trakker™ is a turn-key system that includes hardware, software, consulting and training, all designed to help facilities take better control of waste while significantly reducing the costs associated with waste data collection and reporting.

The system combines data collection and administrative software with a shop hardened hardware package utilizing touchscreen and barcode technologies. Compared to the traditional collection methods, these simple components enable the system to collect and report waste data faster, more accurately and with fewer plant resources

Track Waste by Root Cause

Fast and Easy data Collection

Track Total Waste Automatically


  • Eliminate clerical related cost to manual waste reporting processes
  • Eliminate quantity of overruns to increase production capacity
  • Empower management with data to make faster, improved decisions
  • Increase control of recycled bales
  • Increase management/plant productivity with accurate data
  • Increase productivity at the scrap and baler operation
  • Increase waste management awareness plant-wideScrap Trakker Recycling
  • Eliminate hand calculations and human errors
  • Categorize waste and pinpoint corrective action(s) needed
  • Provide faster corrective action in production
  • Provide management with a faster comparative review system
  • Reduce clerical / accounting related costs
  • Reduce the time required to track, report and manage waste process
  • Reduce time spent creating reports


The Amtech Scrap Trakker™ system will integrate with your existing waste processes and procedures to track the volume of waste in your plant by date, time, shift, type, and cause. Corrugated facilities nationwide rely on this system to make the scrap collection and reporting process FASTER, more ACCURATE, and utilizing FEWER PLANT RESOURCES.

Touch Screen and Bar Code use eliminates human error while it creates a detailed data base for real-time and historic reporting. The system creates Automated Bale Tags and Bills of Lading documenting waste shipments which saves time and increases accuracy.


The system provides Complete and Comprehensive Data identifying waste by type, location, date and time created and the root cause of the waste. This data is used to create Real-Time reports which allow you to react immediately and start saving money now. Additionally, the system Historic reports that allow you to build knowledge and make good long term decisions.

Only when you know the root cause and the real cost of all of your waste can you eliminate the expense and maintain the savings long term. The reports that Amtech Scrap Trakker™ automatically and instantly provides offer management and production staff with the ammunition they need to develop best practices and control processes that work for their particular needs – short term and long term.


The Amtech Scrap Trakker™ system comes complete with proven hardware that can perform in the toughest of environments. The software is mature and is currently working in a wide variety of operations. Amtech provides experienced consultants and implementers who insure that your facility will gain the most financial benefits in the shortest time frame. The Return on Investment from Amtech Scrap Trakker™ is measured in Months not Years!

For more information regarding the Scrap Trakker waste tracking solution, click here to visit the Scrap Trakker website.


Amtech Scrap Trakker™ is a turn-key system that includes hardware, software, consulting and training, all designed to...

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