Amtech Acquires Qualitek to Connect Shop Floor to Top Floor

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 11/1/18 10:25 AM

Amtech, the leader in software for the packaging industry, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Qualitek Solutions, of Atlanta, GA, that has for 25 years installed hundreds of control systems on corrugators and converting machines that dramatically enhance production performance.  Leveraging Qualitek’s world class solutions for web process manufacturers (corrugating and converting) to improve quality, reduce paper waste and increase production efficiency, Amtech will now be a one stop shop for Technology and Factory Solutions.

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Amtech and HP collaborate for HP PageWide C500 Press ERP integration

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 10/24/18 10:42 AM

Amtech, a leading provider of software solutions for the corrugated and folding carton manufacturing industries, is collaborating with HP to integrate the Amtech ERP solution for the HP PageWide C500 Press.

The EnCore integration will benefit HP PageWide C500 converters with automated job submission, tracking, control, bilateral data retrieval and visibility to press status, all using the standard JDF/JMF print protocol. The solution will enable converters to optimize production, gain market-share and enhance their brand customers.

With the new HP PageWide C500 integration, Amtech is also adding new functionality to the EnCore All-In-One cloud-based packaging solution, such as automated schedule downloads, production reporting, job and press analytics. The solution creates an all-digital, end-to-end no touch workflow that enables businesses to design, price and order packaging online, while keeping everyone in the supply-chain informed and collaborative.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with HP on workflow solutions for the HP Page Wide C500 Press. This solution will help converters meet demand from brands for digitally printed corrugated packaging in high volume with quick turnaround,” said Cosmo DeNicola, Amtech Chairman.

The EnCore software system is comprised of a powerful set of modules that address key components of a packaging plants operations, processes, and procedures. EnCore provides organizations with the tools necessary for making smart business decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

The HP PageWide C500 Press produces offset quality for mainstream production using water-based, food compliant inks, printing on both primary and secondary food packaging without an additional barrier which can comply with even the most stringent global food safety regulations, including Nestlé guidance and Swiss Ordinance.

The Amtech ERP integration to the HP PageWide C500 press is part of the HP One Package workflow suite, the holistic corrugated workflow solution for converters seeking a smooth transition into digital.

About Amtech
Amtech Software is the packaging industry’s leading supplier of software solutions. Amtech Software has been installed in over 600 box plants of all shapes and sizes. Over 60,000 box plant employees use Amtech Software every day.

For additional details contact Darren Artillio at or 215-639-9540 x 1503.

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Digital Transformation was the theme of Amtech’s Conference

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 10/15/18 11:35 AM

More than 150 packaging industry professionals from companies throughout the Americas met at Caesar’s Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey from September 30th through October 4th for Amtech Software’s 16th Customer Conference.

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Amtech to REWARD Customers

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 5/16/18 10:03 AM

Cosmo DeNicola is excited to announce the addition of the Amtech Rewards program to iServe, their Customer Engagement Platform. Users will be able to gain recognition from their peers and earn rewards for their contributions in building and enhancing the platform's online community and knowledge base. This program demonstrates Amtech's recognition of the partnership that exists between Amtech Software and its User Community. Users can earn points for various activities including:
  1. Enhancing the Knowledge Base by submitting an article that is accepted for publication.
  2. Supporting our Best Practice efforts by submitting a case study.
  3. Connecting via LinkedIn.
  4. Engaging in Forum Activities such as asking a question, replying to a question, or providing an answer that is marked as correct.
More opportunities to gain recognition and earn points are anticipated for the future!
The Amtech Rewards program is another key step on the companies continuing journey to enhance  the ways in which their customers use  the system to the benefit of their company and their professional development!  The rewards points will be redeemable by individual system users for merchandise including: offi ce lunch party, shirts, hats, water bottles, coffee mugs, iPhone desk accessories, and a backpack among others. 
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Futura Adds Innovation Through ServiceNow's Ecosystem

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 5/15/18 11:25 AM

How ServiceNow is Reinventing the Ecosystem – Again
Customer Service management leader ServiceNow’s ecosystem is still growing as evidenced by the 18,000 or so attendees at this week’s Knowledge conference - notably higher than the 13,000 estimate from 2017, showing a great rate of growth.

ServiceNow offers a platform that its ecosystem partners can either integrate with or run directly on. One key benefit is the same as well: the ability to leverage the data in ServiceNow’s Now Platform by focusing  on routing work throughout the enterprise.

ServiceNow’s original application was IT service management (ITSM), which at its core is a trouble-ticketing system that routes support requests internally though an organization.

But ITSM was never the company’s raison d’être – the   platform  was. As founder Fred Luddy explained at a fireside chat at Knowledge, early on the company couldn’t find a market for the platform, so they built out what would become the ITSM app in order to have an offering that solved customer needs short term.

But the long-term goal was always to offer a platform, not only for ServiceNow’s own apps, but for the apps of its ecosystem partners and customers as well.

Today, ServiceNow offers a range of service management apps, including solutions for customer service, human resources, security, and more. As the vendor adds each solution to the mix, the wealth of data about the daily work of its customers’ employees, partners, and customers become richer with a date currency.

Supporting the Digital Journey

On the one hand, the end-to-end nature of such work supports the   digital journey  – including the journey of customers, employees, and others during the course of their interactions with a company over time.

From the perspective of the ecosystem, furthermore, ServiceNow’s focus on how people get work done connects the people within each ecosystem partner   as well as each partner’s own customers.

Every vendor must deal with its own customer service, IT support, HR, and other internal and customer-facing processes. Many vendors are thus customers of ServiceNow.

When such a vendor is also a partner of ServiceNow, it can bring the full value of the platform and its data to the benefit of its customers as an aspect of its own offering, depending on its specifics.

ERP vendor Amtech is one such vendor. It uses ServiceNow internally for its customer support and knowledge management, while finding that its customers can also benefit from the knowledge management capabilities.

Given that customer support is an essential part of its offering, Amtech sees the value of the synergy between being a customer and partner of ServiceNow. “It would add value to our customer base and to our company,” said Dominic Sambucci, President of Operations and Support for Futura, Amtech’s services arm. “It would create a more seamless product.”

Amtech’s knowledge base serves as an internal resource for customer service reps as they address customer problems, as well as a resource for customers, who can now learn from each other as they input insights – not only about the use of the product, but about how best to run their businesses.

The Future of Software Ecosystems

Amtech is but one example of the wide variety of vendors at Knowledge, and the stories about how they interact with each other are too numerous to mention – but include vendors as diverse as IT analytics vendor LogicMonitor, data insight and collaboration vendor Klera, and AI-driven process automation vendor Ayehu.

However, unlike IBM Think, this conference was not simply an opportunity for vendors to talk to each other.

Instead, the diverse value of the ServiceNow platform brought out customers and prospects in droves – enterprise professionals interested in how this growing ecosystem can meet various needs as each of them moves toward a greater customer focus by implementing digital journeys for their customers as well as employees.

Jason Bloomberg is president of industry analyst firm Intellyx. Follow Jason Bloomberg on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Amtech Partnering at EskoWorld June 5-7

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 5/14/18 11:15 AM

Packaging industry leading ERP company, Amtech Software, will attend the EskoWorld Packaging Connected Conference June 5-7, in San Antonio, Texas. The conference is a unique opportunity for Amtech and Esko mutual clients to tackle business problems, shares ideas and learn best practices.

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Amtech Acquires Avista to Create Smart Factory

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 4/24/18 2:42 PM

Amtech, the North American leader in software for the packaging industry, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Avista Solutions International of Minneapolis MN.  Leveraging Avista’s world class solutions for scheduling, logistics and process improvement.  This collaboration will foster the creation of an All in One Smart Factory. Both Amtech and Avista customers will benefit from the seamless integration of both systems.  

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Amtech to Install EnCore at Rusken Packaging

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 4/17/18 4:08 PM

Cosmo T. DeNicola, President of Amtech Software, is pleased to announce the sale of EnCore, Amtech’s comprehensive packaging industry software system.  Rusken Packaging is headquartered in Cullman, Alabama. 

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Amtech to Install EnCore at Michcor Container, Inc

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 3/26/18 4:07 PM

Cosmo T. DeNicola, President of Amtech Software, is pleased to announce the sale of EnCore, Amtech’s comprehensive packaging industry software system.  Michcor Container Inc is a sheet plant located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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Amtech to Install the Customer Care Portal at Third Dimension

Posted by Ashley Gennett on 3/12/18 4:06 PM

Cosmo T DeNicola. President of Amtech Software is pleased to announce the sale of The Customer Care Portal, Amtech’s E-Commerce software suite. Third Dimension is a sheet plant located in Geneva, Ohio.

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